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Mark J. Peterson, P.E., Principal-in-Charge

The backbone of the firm with more than 30 years experience, Mr. Peterson has the outstanding ability to solve complex issues and address challenging projects. He is a dynamic participant in the project management process, ensuring the delivery of quality projects within budget and on schedule.

David E. McKercher, Project Manager

Mr. McKercher is known for his intense project involvement. His more than 23 years of experience in assembling qualified teams, overseeing prompt response, and timely schedule control make him an invaluable asset to the team. Mr. McKercher serves as the client’s single-point-of-contact, and utilizes his diverse engineering background as well as his exceptional record of client service to ensure a successful project.

John J. Schell, Senior Electrical Designer

A 25-year electrical design veteran, Mr. Schell’s breadth of experience includes expertise ranging from power distribution and data/telecommunications to indoor/outdoor lighting, fire alarm, and special systems. He emphasizes power quality, energy efficiency, creative lighting designs and system control schemes to ensure high-quality, efficient design.

Marc R. Haase, Tenant Improvement Department Manager

Mr. Haase’s expertise focuses on guaranteeing consistency in the design approach and organizing production flow for several diverse tenant improvements from beginning to end. Mr. Haase prides himself on service excellence and achieving a positive relationship with tenants.

William M. Chase, Jr., P.E., Senior Electrical Engineer

One of the most respected professionals in the engineering consulting industry, Mr. Chase is a 40-year electrical engineering veteran dedicated to providing unmatched client services and tackling complex electrical issues. His specialty includes motor control circuits and fire alarm systems. Mr. Chase oversees a myriad of projects, focusing on a successful integration of a well-designed electrical system for each representative client.

Terry V. Glenn, Fire Protection Department Head

Fluent in the design of fire sprinkler/suppression systems, Mr. Glenn’s expansive background allows him to identify problems and solutions while conceiving alternatives effectively and efficiently. His focus is on integrating the latest cost-saving innovations with updated code enforcement and design approaches.

Robert W. Harris, Senior Mechanical Designer

Representing a multitude of projects with more than 20 years of engineering experience, Mr. Harris is responsible for the selection, design, specification, and coordination of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Mr. Harris also has extensive knowledge in the design of water source heat pump systems, chilled water systems, and hot water space heating systems.

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