Offering services since 1982

The Company

Peterson Associates is one of the Southwest’s leading consulting engineering firms, specializing in the design of mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems, as well as construction administration services since 1982.

Our experience design team includes professional engineers registered in 27 states and an experienced team of technical and administrative personnel. Dedicated to exceeding expectations through close attention to detail and outstanding client relationships, Peterson Associates offers a diverse spectrum of services to meet each client’s individualized needs and budget. We pride ourselves on being responsive to client demands and have earned a reputation for outstanding service and an unfaltering commitment to excellence. 

As a team, we maintain strong relationships with owners, architects, building officials, contractors and subcontractors to make sure our clients’ needs are being met every step of the way. Our methods are only as good as the professionals who employ them; and we have assembled a project team that is second to none.

We Understand Requirements

Our team has extensive knowledge of building codes, ordinances, policies and design standards that enable us to identify design challenges early in the process.

We Work Precisely

We have the expertise to create systems and components that not only satisfy current needs, but also help ensure the long-term viability of the operation as well as control future maintenance and life cycle costs.

We Deliver Best Output

We have completed millions of square feet in projects with many repeat clients who request our services because we listen, respond and deliver.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to providing quality service that assure energy efficient, cost effective and sustainable design solutions in all projects by promoting commitment, competence and integrity in every system we design.


Peterson Associates is based on a genuine commitment to provide the highest professional standard by developing a pattern of excellence in all of our projects. We understand that the constant and accelerating flow of new ideas, new processes, new products and renewable technology an, when properly applied, be instrumental in the full satisfaction of every customer. We believe that true leadership in our industry can be achieved only through quality.​​

Quality Control

We have a well-disciplined and organized quality control system which enables all employees of our company to have a common language of quality and an understanding of their personal role in causing quality to be routine. Our written quality control policies are clear an unambiguous. We believe that quality comes when every employee knows and understands how best to meet the needs and expectations of the client.

Value Engineering

A successful project begins with a detailed analysis of all issues affecting the mechanical, plumbing and electrical system design. Each system receives a careful evaluation including a comparative analysis of environmentally responsible alternative systems within the constraints of the budget. We attempt to assure that every item included in a design performs a client required function and performs it in a way that meets the specific needs and requirements at the lowest possible cost while respecting the preservation of our natural resources.​​